Restructuring of Greater Amman’s Water Supply – Contract No 4

The project of “Restructuring of Greater Amman’s Water Supply System” has the task to separate the present supply system into various District Zones each controlled by Pressure Reducing Valves and to combine those Districts to a Distribution Zone each supplied by a Reservoir and/or Water Tower .

This contract includes the secondary pipeline works for 2 Distribution Zones ( DB 2 and DB 11) out of 43 distribution zones in Amman.

The secondary pipeline works in each area includes the supply and installation of: Pipes reinforcing the present system.

Further pipes replacing those pipes which are in poor conditions. Replacement of all the house connections in the new pipelines. Additional pipe works and tests to ensure the full isolation of each district. 150,529 meters of Ductile Iron Pipes.

Diameters range from DN 100 to DN 600. 117,119 meters of High Density Poly Ethylene Pipes.

Diameters range from DN 25 to DN 63. The work includes the installation of Butterfly Valves, Air Release Valves, Washouts, Fire Hydrants, Pressure Reducing Valves, and Pressure Relief Valves.

All in chambers and surface boxes.

Water Authority of Jordan
Lahmayer International
Water Projects
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