Ministry Of Health General Stores and Maintenance Workshops

The project consists of the following:

1- Workshops: four buildings with an area of 5000 m2 for multipurpose workshops

2- Stores: 8 buildings of a total area of 12500 m2 used for the storing medical equipments, tools, and materials. In addition to cold stores with a total area of 200m2.

3- Service roads and asphalted yards of a total area of I 2500m2. All the above buildings were complete with all the services including the following electromechanical systems: 1- Lighting and external lighting systems. 2- Telecommunication Systems. 3- HVAC System.

4- UPS system.

5- Cold Stores and freezers.

6- Plumbing; cold and hot water systems, sewers.

7- Fire Fighting and alarm systems

Ministry of Health.
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