Project > Environmental > Wastewater Collection Systems for Natifa and Dogara - Irbid

Wastewater Collection Systems for Natifa and Dogara - Irbid


: Water Authority


: Fichtner /BBV/PFI/CC

Project Value

: JD 3,973,282

Completion Time

: July, 2008


Project Description:


The project comprises the construction of wastewater collection systems to serve  Dogara & Natifa communities with a total collect ring length of approximately 19 Km for Dogara Region   & 21.5 Km for Natifa region. Collection lines sizes ranging from 200mm diameter up to 300mm diameter gravity mains with about 2.4 Km & 1.5 Km house connection laterals of 150mm diameter to serve Dogara & Natifa communities respectively. The Project also includes the construction of 1.3 Km of 150mm diameter Ductile Iron force main in Dogara, starting from a new pump station, which will be constructed at Dogara village. The project connects the communities to the existing network and discharge their wastewater to the existing "Wadi Al-Arab treatment plant". including the construction of a pump station, reservoir and service building at Dogara area.