Project > Environmental > Wadi Shallalah Wastewater Treatment Plant and Effluent Reuse Facilities (C-1)

Wadi Shallalah Wastewater Treatment Plant and Effluent Reuse Facilities (C-1)


:Ministry of Water and Irrigation – Water Authority


: Fichtner /BBV/PFI/CC

Project Value

: 41,112,890JD

Completion Time

: 15/6/2014


Project Description


Wadi Shallalah Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP): including all civil, electrical and mechanical works, operation, and maintenance training. Also the option to include a nitrogen treatment is considered by providing the required space on the site. The plot of the Treatment Plant is located about 1.2km southeast of Sal in the Al-Ruwaysa Valley about 1km before it joins the Shalala (Wadi) Valley.

The scope of the project comprises four segments of work as follows:

  1. Preliminary treatment facility (Headwork) consisting of coarse screens and fine screens, bar screens, grit chamber with grease removal, one grit classifier and grit conveyors and a primary sedimentation tank.
    1. Biological treatment units consisting of two parallel Aeration Activated Sludge basins, each equipped with submersible mixers and mammoth rotors.
    2. Two circular settlement tanks with 44m diameter with horizontal flow, equipped with blade scrapers.
    3. Filtration comprising multi-layer filter medium and all backwash facilities.
    4. UV-Disinfection installed in open channels after the filtration.
    5. Sludge processing facilities including mechanical sludge thickener, three sludge storage tanks for primary, excess and digested sludge, digesters, sludge dewatering with centrifuges, gas tanks and a thermal and electrical power station.
    6. Support buildings including an Administration Building, Workshop Building, Generator Building, Air Treatment Facilities, Sludge Pump Stations, Aerator/MCC Building and Guard House.
    7. Influent Storage Tank with a volume of 22,300m3.
    8. Effluent Storage Tank with a volume of 16,000m3.
    9. Vehicles, roads, drainage and other infrastructure facilities
  2.  Effluent Pump Station at the Treatment Plant site.
  3.  600 mm and 700 mm Pressure Ductile Iron pipe to Sal reservoir & gravity pipe to Central Irbid WWTP with total Length 14,963.0 m .
  4.  Mechanical Sludge Dewatering at the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant Wadi Arab:
    The proposed Mechanical Sludge Dewatering consists of three centrifuges (two Duty and one stand-by), located near the existing sludge holding tank No. 1 at Wadi Al-Arab Treatment Plant.