Project > Environmental > Upgrade of Mafraq Wastewater Treatment Plant – Reuse System

Upgrade of Mafraq Wastewater Treatment Plant – Reuse System


: Water Authority of Jordan


: Engicon

Project Value

: 2,107,051.85 JD

Project Duration

: 270 Days

Commencement Date

: Jan 4, 2015


Completion Date


: Jan 30, 2016


Project Description:


The project aims to upgrade the existing waste water treatment plant in Al-Mafraq by utilizing the treated effluent for potential reuse within the border of WWTP and for plant production in the existing farms around the treatment plant.

The Existing waste water treatment plant site is located within Al- Mafraq City in northern Jordan, The Site is accessible from a the main road

The works include:

- Construction of the storage Bond of 90 000 m3 capacity. This activity comprises: excavation, backfill, slope protection and subgrade preparation.

- Conductive 2mm HDPE Lining supply, installation and testing (25000 m2).

- Construction of irrigation pumping station.

- Construction of irrigation network including valves, fittings and all associated works.