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Galleria Mall


: Al Yaqout Real Estate & Development


: Arabtech Jardaneh


Project Value

: J.D 23,068,547

Completion Time

: Sep, 30th 2013


Project Description:

The Galleria Mall is a commercial complex that consists of twelve floors with total area of 124,000 m2 , four underground floors that consist of parking lots and service rooms and a concrete water tank with capacity of 1900 m3 , the upper eight floors are for commercial use such as shops, restaurants and entertainments archaides.


This project has been divided into packages and we have done the following:

• Excavation and construction of the concrete works of the building - total value of "J.D 11,126,446"
• Electro-mechanical works and interior finishes for service floors - total value of "J.D 11,942,101"