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Al-Dirreh Land Border Crossing Roads Phase-1


: Ministry of Public Works and Housing


: Consolidated Consultants for Engineering &   Environment

Project Value

: JD 19,521,521.604

Completion Time

: June, 2012

Tender No

: 5/2009


Description of Project :


This project consist of the construction of earth work grading for the entire site of the proposed land border crossing and ferry terminal adjacent to the Saudi south of Aqaba, and the construction of roads within the site to serve as phase 1 of land border crossing. The work also include the construction of a bridge (fly-over) and the construction of long box culvert (1900m) drain storm water wadi-1.


Geographic Location & Climate:


The project located at 30 km south for Aqaba city on a characteristic seaboard in the start & mountainous in the end (elevation from 0 to 135 m above sea level). Aqaba has dry Mediterranean climate of baking hot summers, very warm winters and very low rainfall &  highly fertile with average annual rainfall 10mm, southern dry wind from Arabia ,average high temperature 37° & low 21° . The geographic location of project is (34°58'8.05"E , 29°21'27.24"N)


Scope of work :




Excavation and embankment construction for main project area "border crossing" , new service area "Area P4" , diversion flood channel & sedimentation basin

Quantity for excavation = 3.100 million Cubic meter

Quantity for embankment construction = 0.900 million Cubic meter




Construction of box culvert concrete class 30 & High Strength Concrete Class 40 for end of Box Culvert in contact with sea water with High tensile steel bar reinforcement.

Concrete quantity = 30,000 Cubic meter

Steel bar quantity = 2,050 ton




construction of a foundation ,abutments , piers, ramps , retaining wall & 3 deck slab with all Miscellaneous work parapet rail cable duct ....etc

Quantity for concrete =   10,000 Cubic meter

Steel bar quantity = 1,150 ton




construction a highway ,roundabout , interior border roads & detours for heavy traffic with all miscellaneous work & Accessories (curbstone ,concrete tiles, median concrete paving , road studs ( Cat-Eyes) , highway sings ,lane marking & arrow .....etc

Excavation quantity = 45,000 Cubic meter

Embankment construction = 32,000 Cubic meter

Aggregate base & sub abase course = 53,000 Cubic meter

First layer binder course= 90,286.439 square meter, second layer binder course= 61,720.814 square meter & 1 layer wearing polymer modified = 60,434.874 square meter

Curbstone = 12,000 linear meter

Concrete tiles = 16,000 square meter




Install 12m galvanized steel lighting columns with tow lighting units & 30m high mast assemblies’ polygonal shape, with 12 floodlights 1000w, Feeder pillars

Lighting columns QTY = 75 columns

High mast QTY = 12 units

Cable different size = 5,400 liner meter