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In operation since 1961, Hussein Atieh & Sons Co. for Contracting & Constructions (HAE) is a privately owned general contracting firm who has successfully executed in the last six decades several projects of varied and complex disciplines throughout the whole country of Jordan. HAE prides itself for its record of successful and timely completion of all the projects it has been involved in, which fact is officially and widely recognized by its satisfied clients in both public and private sectors.


HAE has since long been officially registered and classified as a “General Contractor”, in the fields of Building, Electro-mechanic, Communication, Water, Sewage, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Concrete, Bridges and Tunnels. HAE has the expertise and is adequately equipped and financially cable to carry out major projects on turn-key basis.

The golden rule that HAE's Management solemnly adheres to is ‘to provide quality service in the most professional, timely and cost effective manner’. We take our work very seriously, and we have always been proud of every work we did.

To be successful in a very competitive market, the Company as a whole has to be more productive. HAE's strength lies in its competitiveness and total flexibility. A wise and experienced hand-on senior management; efficient project management; a sound mix of skilled engineers with varied experience and training; highly motivated manpower; better financing management; reliable supply sources; adequate in-house capabilities, equipment and plants; and such other cost effective elements give HAE its competitive edge.

HAE's motto is: Always do it right from the first instance, and do it in time. We realize that company may never have a chance to correct its mistakes; and if there was such a chance, it would be at very high price.


Business Activities

The company is described as "General Contractor” and works in the following fields:
• First class Construction and Buildings.
• First class Electro-mechanical Works and Projects.
• First class Roads Construction.
• First class Concrete Works, Bridges, Intersections and Tunnels.
• First Class Earth Works, Excavation and Excavation for Mining.
• First Class Water and Sewage Networks.
• First Class Treatment Plants; Sewerage Purification Stations.
• First Class Communications & Renewable Energy.