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Water Transmission Pipeline from Khaw PS to Zaatry PS


: Water Authority of Jordan



Project Value

: 9,539,099 JD

Project Duration              

: 548 Days

Commencement Date

: May 15, 2016



Project Description:

 This project is part of the 'Water Resources Management Programme' (WRMP-11). One component of WRMP-11 is a water transmission pipeline between Khaw PS In Zarqa to Za'atry PS near Mafraq. The transmission pipeline will start from the Abu Alanda reservoir in Amman up to Khaw PS in Zarqa, this section of the pipeline will be financed by the French Government through the French Development Agency (AFD). The second section of the transmission pipeline will be from Khaw PS to Za'atry PS. This request relates to the transmission pipeline from Khaw PS to Za'atry PS.

The scope of Works for the Engineering and Construction of the Khaw - Za'atry Transmission Pipeline will include:
- Approximately 35 km pipeline ON 700 mm from Khaw PS to Za'atry PS including road crossings
- Blending facility to blend Disi water with water from local sources at Za'atry PS
- Several air and water relieve valves
- Flow meter(s)
- Connection to the Abu Alanda-Khaw Water Transmission Pipeline and
- SCADA system.